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adesklets is an interactive Imlib2 console for the X Window System. It provides to scripted languages a clean and simple way to write great looking, mildly interactive desktop integrated graphic applets (aka "desklets"). It can also be used as a command line oriented graphics editor, a bit similar to ImageMagick, but with different functionality.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Mar 2006 22:43

    Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. It compiles without warnings on all gcc 4.x releases while retaining compatibility with all previous versions of the compiler. A new test/ framework was added to help diagnose potential timing issues.

    •  14 Mar 2006 01:09

      Release Notes: This release includes support for writing desklets in Perl.

      •  03 Mar 2006 23:07

        Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. It compiles and runs on OpenBSD 3.8. Automated FIFO cleanup in case of a broken session was added to the frontend, as well as support for the newest version of e16. The adesklets installer script automated UI fallback was also fixed.

        •  13 Dec 2005 04:37

          Release Notes: This minor version and bugfix release extended the documentation and FAQ on many topics, included many fixes to the autotools scripts, regularised a few exceptions in the interpreter, added support for WM-specific contextual menus, added a few use cases scripts under test/, and added a brand new adesklets installer (adesklets_installer) for automated download and unpacking of desklets.

          •  12 Sep 2005 19:43

            Release Notes: This release corrects an error with the distributed documentation makefile that prevented info files and manual pages from installing correctly on arbitrary, empty directory trees. It also adds support for nautilus and KDE >=3.4.1, as well as preliminary support for ROX-Filer and xffm-deskview in the shell frontend. It should also rectify a long-standing issue with some desklets failing to complete their initial display. The documentation FAQ was slightly expanded.

            Recent comments

            20 Jan 2006 13:56 chaoticthought

            Re: Trouble with root window

            > I simply cannot reproduce this: at least

            > on my machines, adesklets transparency

            > does work fine along WindowMaker.

            Oops. My mistake. I realize the problem now; I was using XDirectFB. The problem I described occurs when using the XDirectFB server, but I guess that's not surprising (the server's root window support is considered experimental).

            I tried again with Xorg server and it works fine.

            17 Jan 2006 17:36 syfou2

            Re: Trouble with root window
            I simply cannot reproduce this: at least on my machines, adesklets transparency does work fine ( along WindowMaker.

            But it is not the right channel to discuss this further; just come to adesklets community forum ( if you want help.

            14 Jan 2006 22:52 chaoticthought

            Trouble with root window

            Nice program concept. The desklets seems pretty addictive.

            Trouble I'm having is that the root window seems to not be detected, so there is no transparency built in to the desklets. For example, the weather desklet looks like it is on top of a black rectangle--not too slick looking. My window manager is WindowMaker and I'm starting adesklets after WindowMaker is running. I'm fairly certain WindowMaker draws its background on the real root window (and not a fake one). But just for kicks, I tried the various switches to adesklets for "fake root window" detection but no success on any of them.

            02 Feb 2005 08:36 darkliquid

            Sweet, very sweet
            I love this program, I'm using the weather applet now actually. It's so much better than the alternatives like gDesklets because of aDesklet's lack of dependancies.


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