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Aften is a simple A/52 (AC-3) audio encoder based on the FFMpeg libraries. The name is an acronym for A/Fifty-Two ENcoder. It is also Danish and Norwegian word for 'evening'. It is able to create stereo and multi-channel AC3-compatible audio streams.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Aug 2006 08:05

    Release Notes: Bit allocation speedups, a compile-time choice of using floats or doubles internally, an internal restructuring of MDCT functions, and bugfixes. quality=0 is now a valid setting.

    •  07 Aug 2006 14:59

      Release Notes: Small adjustments were made to the exponent strategy decision. A WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE fix was applied. An alternate bit stream syntax with new command line options was implemented along with a better encoding structure, a filter library, a LFE low-pass filter, a DC high-pass filter, a bandwidth low-pass filter, and a channel bandwidth low-pass filter. The sample type was changed from float to double. CRC code was moved to a separate file. Variable bandwidth selection was improved. The default mode was changed to CBR. The maximum bitrate can now be specified in VBR mode.


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