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AIPS (Astronomical Information Processing System) handles the processing and display of data from radio interferometers. Data can be collected from any radio telescope array. Images can be exported in FITS format.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jan 2012 20:02

    Release Notes: This release adds numerous functions, including REWGT to scale data weights by subarray and/or IF, ACLIP to do clip operations on auto­correlation data, RLCAL to solve for right-minus-left phase differences as a function of time when good source models are available, SY2TY to make TY tables from SysPower tables, RFLAG to flag data based on rmses measured over short time intervals and on deviations from the spectral average, and AFARS to extract useful parametric images from the Faraday Rotation synthesis (FARS) output image cubes.

    •  11 Apr 2011 05:46

      Release Notes: CLSMO and SNSMO have normalization controls. TVFLG has a revision of the next IF option and its image placement. TYSMO applies flag tables to the TY or SY tables on input. A new task, REWGT, applies user-specified scaling to data weights. Other changes include SOUSP to fit spectral indices from the fluxes in the source table, NOIFS to convert a multi-channel, multi-IF data base into one with a single IF, and TRUEP to fits for true instrumental polarization using data taken with rotated feeds.

      •  30 Mar 2010 20:36

        Release Notes: This release adds numerous bugfixes.

        •  05 Jan 2009 18:55

          Release Notes: This release adds the new verbs ASIN, ACOS, and SIZEFILE, and the amplitude calibrator model 3C147 at C and X bands. All I/O-based components were refactored to reduce I/O bandwidth consumption. Code and parameter cleanups for FILLM. Extensive bugfixes and refactoring.

          •  04 Jul 2008 07:38

            Release Notes: Numerous enhancements and bugfixes were made.


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