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Apsfilter is a magic printfilter, allowing you to print different document types "automagically" without having to convert them manually into something which is understood by your printer. Apsfilter is a mature and powerful printing solution for any flavor of Unix running lpd or LPRng. It supports the latest GhostScript version and 3rd-party printer drivers (such as hpijs, ijs, hpdj, pcl3, and gimp-print). It autodetects lots of file, archive, and compression types. It supports printing on local as well as on Appletalk, Unix, and Windows remote printers. General and "per printer-queue" based config files allow you to configure the printer for your needs. The lpr command line options allow you to change printing parameters like print quality, orientation, duplex mode, etc. "on the fly" without having to edit any config file. A SETUP script helps you to test various supported ghostscript drivers prior installation, makes the necessary entries in /etc/printcap, creates spool directories, and creates apsfilter default config files as needed. A handbook in HTML is available. Several tools are also included: "aps2file" allows you to print to a file via apsfilter, "apspreview" previews files as generated by apsfilter using gv and friends, and "apsfilter-bug" assists you in doing bug and problem reports.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Dec 2001 11:27

    Release Notes: Configuration via configure, the new tools aps2file, apspreview and apsfilter-bug, updates to the handbook and manpages, a new printer driver concept, a driver MAPFILE to group similar printers, over 40 generalized print options, 34 supported filetypes, 6 supplementary compression types, 11 supplementary archive types, printing of archive formats (ar, tar, rpm), hardware duplex printing for PS printers, hardware duplex printing for non-PS printers where supported by the gs driver, and secure pseudo-duplex printing with e-mail notification to flip the paper (with a "cookie"/command to restart the print process) were added.

    •  20 May 2001 07:42

      Release Notes: This release includes lots of bugfixes, optimizations, updates to the setup program, printer support additions and fixes, support for apsfilter in NIS, documentation updates, fixes for gimp-print, and support for duplex (or pseudo-duplex) printing.

      •  26 Jan 2001 09:21

        Release Notes: This is a complete rewrite which includes support for duplex printing (real and pseudo duplex with e-mail notification, to flip paper), and the ability to change many print options via -C or -Z (LPRng).

        •  21 Jun 2000 20:00

          Release Notes: Some bugfixes, and minor improvements and modifications.

          •  23 Apr 2000 15:54

            Release Notes: Enhanced class support with the -C option, class support for the Epson stcolor driver, new manpages for apsfilter and filtersetup, various name and location changes, and more.

            Recent comments

            30 Apr 2003 18:49 gleather

            see the homepage. there are newer versions.


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