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29 Feb 2004 07:20 auke

Re: Cannot Login.
I don't read the notes here very often, so you should use the mailing list, newsgroup or forum ( The problem could be any of several things, most likely is that you use Apache 2.0, in that case add 'AcceptPathInfo On' to the apache configuration.

05 Jul 2003 12:01 thejus

Cannot Login.
I have installed all of the files and database tables for Ariadne. The application login screen shows up, but I cannot login, not with admin:muze, or with any admin password I set with the setadmin.php program. Has anybody encountered this bug before? If yes, please tell me what has to be corrected?

Ariadne looks impressive on the website. This little bug is a bit of a downer. Would be hard pressed to find another program with all these features (presuming it works properly).


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