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06 Dec 2000 05:20 derci

Lovely program!
Patrick Baer is right in that the program will purge your logs if it got write access to them. It's a feature, and I recommend against it. But under normal permissions (i.e. if the web server runs the module, and not root), it won't happen, so just don't run the program under root.

I followed the insturctions in readme.txt and didn't encounter any of the other problems that Patrick Baer reported. The program requires you to change the apache log format to "combined", which contains the user-agent and the referrer.

This program produces a nice and detailed output (although it wouldn't hurt to supply details on pages that cause errors other than 404), and it doesn't require installing extra perl modules, unlike PerlWebStats.

25 Nov 2000 16:24 eldy

Great !!! Better than webalizer
I was very surpised how easy it is to use it.
I setup AWStats in 2 minutes and my log are more precise than webaliser (i used it before using AWStats). What is very great is the robot detecyion. I can now know if indexing robots came to see my site, i like the look and the way informations are shown.

22 Nov 2000 21:52 patrickbaer

Awstats is a mess
I downloaded Awstats this afternoon and some hours later all I can tell is: Never touch it!
This program is a real mess, maybe the programmer should spend some time in re-working on it.
It deletes logfiles if ran as root, can't read those files and so on. Here's what I experienced:

1) It didn't give me any hits. = Debugged and deleted lines looking for wrong code which was obviously correct.
2) it stopped telling me my log-format was wrong (apache latest version btw.) = Verified log-format, 100% correct.

The site has an FAQ-Section, under construction. This program really looks pretty good and neat, why hasn't it been debugged before released? I'll switch to anther program now, there are thousands of others and this one has gone into my 'not-for-use'-trashcan :(


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