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AzureGE is a multi-platform OpenGL and OpenAL-based game engine. It has built-in support for I/O, threading, and networking, a particle system, a material generator, a texture generator, and a mesh/terrain generator. It is intended mainly for creating role playing games, but can also be used for other types of game.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Jul 2010 06:38

    Release Notes: Software MIDI playback should now work correctly on x86_64 Linux. New global functions, classes, and shaders were added for shadow mapping. Support for geometry shaders was added. The 'WalkingDemo.cpp', 'AnimatedMeshDemo.cpp', and 'MirrorDemo.cpp' demo applications now try to use shaders if the system support GLSL. The 'ShaderTest.cpp' test application now will try to use the lite version of the shaders if the shader program failed to link with the standard versions. There were some optimizations and bugfixes.

    •  19 Apr 2010 02:54

      Release Notes: The libraries can now be built on an x86_64 Linux. Some new matrix-related functions were added in the Gfx-ZGL library. Two new classes were added: ViewFrustum and PlanarMirrorNode. A demo application (for the PlanarMirrorNode class) was also added. Some bugs were fixed.

      •  20 Nov 2009 11:39

        Release Notes: The vertex and fragment shaders have been integrated into the hierarchical rendering system. Two new classes have been added: ChildNodeSelector and TextureObject2DRenderTarget. New member functions have been added in these classes: ObjectNode, CameraNode, Matrix, Shader, Program, Bitmap, and MeshGenerator. It is now possible to include shader source files from other source files using the new '$include' markup command. The DeformationBasedModelNode class now can smooth the mesh's normals transition when loading MD2 models.

        •  07 Nov 2009 04:00

          Release Notes: This release added support for changing the mouse cursor icon, support for 1D and Cube textures, and a new FUIMultiPagePanel control. The Program, RenderingContext, GfxContext, ObjectNode, TextureGenerator, Bitmap, Matrix, FUIDesktop, FUILabel, FUIPanel, FUICheckBox, and FUIRadioButton classes and controls were improved. There were also some optimizations, bugfixes, documentation updates, and refactoring.

          •  15 Oct 2009 02:08

            Release Notes: New classes were added: SocketSet, Message, MessageServer, MessageClient, SkyBoxNode, SkyDomeNode, AnimatedMeshNode, and DeformationBasedModelNode. The PointParticle, DiamondParticle, MeshGenerator, Bitmap, FUIDesktop, and SoundBuffer classes were improved. A new demo application, AnimatedMeshDemo.cpp, was added. A new test application, MessageSCTest.cpp, was added. Some bugfixes, code refactoring, and documentation updates were done.


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