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Bartlby is a network and system monitor, completely written in C, to provide a scalable framework with the ability to monitor networks of various sizes. It consists of a core daemon, several plugins, and a Web GUI (PHP extension). The core daemon checks (over active/passive TCP) services/hosts and notifies users in case of critical service conditions (mail, SMS, ICQ, and custom triggers are supported). Bartlby provides an open plugin interface to give every administrator an easy to use option to extend the plugin base, and a fully customizable GUI (written in PHP using a C extension). Nearby everything can be controlled via an XML interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Apr 2008 00:12

    Release Notes: This release has some major code houskeeping and a ton of fixes. A few key features have been added like the re-notification and the new role of the standby worker. A new extension allows your operations center to manage the whole on-call schedule and create reports of activities over the weekend (OcL).

    •  08 Mar 2007 13:21

      Release Notes: Many performance issues have been solved, and a few new performance tuning variables have been added. The complete new execution-plan feature has implemented, so you can specify days and time ranges when a service should be checked. An extension is also included for doing distributed network monitoring, either with bartlby_portier or a patched NSCA (patch included). The server-life-indicator was added, so you can assign a service to a server which must be OK, and if it's not, no checks for this server will be made.

      •  16 Jan 2007 01:06

        Release Notes: The rights system has been modified so that the UI and the Core share the same configuration for visible/selected services and servers. The previously announced SSL agent is no longer the default, because on large setups the overhead of SSL produces a lot of load. A few new UI extensions are included.

        •  10 Dec 2006 19:39

          Release Notes: A lot of fixes/changes to boost the performance, especially on larger setups. Many things in the UI have been re-made using xajax. The agent now has a new protocol, and optionally supports SSL.

          •  22 Oct 2006 21:47

            Release Notes: Server-wide options have been added, a lot of notification related issues have been fixed, and the CLI has been retouched.


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