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git-info-bar is a ksh, bash, gitbash, and Git shell plugin that endeavors to provide a fast and pronounced view of various git attributes when you are under the umbrella of a git repository. Its main feature, the 'info bar' (information bar), displays the following information: current branch (in 'red' if on master); current cksum (in 'red' if there are uncommitted changes, and an 'uncommitted changes' message in the message area); and stash count in the message area if you have stashes. It includes an install script and removal scripts. It is currently only tested in Bash, GitBash and ksh93. It was previously named 'bash-git', but the name has been transitioned to 'git-info-bar', as a long-term goal is cross-shell compatibility using a Perl back-end.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Version 2.0.0 is under development 16 Apr 2013 17:53

Work is beginning to allow the git-info-bar to show additional (user defined) information on additional info-bar lines. Version 2.0.0 will be the first version of the git-info-bar shell plugin, which will have a simple configuration file. By default, the info-bar will give the branch name, short sha1 value, changes, and stashes, as it does now, but the configuration file will allow for customization. Minor releases to version 1 will continue to be made in the meantime, for necessary bug fixes.

Recent releases

  •  10 Dec 2013 08:38

    Release Notes: The plugin no longer complains about invalid stashes when under the .git directory, namely 'fatal: /usr/lib/git-core/git-stash cannot be used without a working tree'.

    •  13 Jul 2013 17:43

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which made stashes not show up in the info bar (Perl plugin only). Install this version if you "git stash" staged files and do not see the blue STASH area in the info bar.

      •  28 Apr 2013 10:28

        Release Notes: This release has been updated to work with FreeBSD, internalizes more of the code to minimize shell calls, and removes the requirement for the shell built-in "__git_ps1".

        •  16 Apr 2013 17:58

          Release Notes: Upgrading to this version is advised for improved functionality. The git shell plugin now works when your repository has just been created and there are no commits. A stateless repository does not have an answer to the "git branch" command, therefore the plugin has been updated to use the shell Git function, __git_ps1, instead, which specifies the pseudo default branch name for new branches. The call is slightly more time consuming (2/100's of a second), but is accurate.

          •  15 Apr 2013 22:12

            Release Notes: This release improved automated deployment of git-info-bar - the installer now accepts an '-f' option that installs without further interaction, and an '-h' option that displays a help message. No changes were made to the git shell plugin.

            Recent comments

            29 Apr 2013 17:14 chadwickboggs

            You should use tech which makes it persist either at the first or last line of the screen instead of printing out all over the screen.


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