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BUSH (Business Shell) combines the capabilities of BASH, PHP, GCC, and databases into a uniform design for rapidly building secure, reliable Web sites. Based on an ISO standard, it promotes code reuse: scripts and templates can be compiled with GCC or ported to JVM or .Net using third party tools with only minor changes. It can also replace BASH as an interactive command shell with SQL support, and is a general purpose scripting language.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Oct 2010 00:44

    Release Notes: This release includes several core language bugfixes, FreeBSD 8 and Linux/Alpha support, experimental 64-bit libSDL support, improved documentation generation features with man page and HTML support, and a new debugger directive. Many new script examples were added.

    •  09 Feb 2010 22:04

      Release Notes: BUSH has been updated for the latest versions of MySQL and GCC.

      •  31 Aug 2005 17:53

        Release Notes: A new built-in directory_operations package. A serious memory leak problem with pragma prompt_script has been repaired.

        •  23 Aug 2005 16:55

          Release Notes: BUSH now supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. There is also an experimental 29 function SDL drawing and image package. Improvements were made for the installer, the documentation, and the Fedora and x86_64 platforms.

          •  16 Jan 2005 06:35

            Release Notes: FreeBSD support, a new Web template debugging mode, new documentation with more tutorials and better navigation, and a new online demo/tour on the Web site.

            Recent comments

            29 Mar 2011 17:22 koburtch

            This project has been superceded by SparForte.


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