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Cacheability Engine

The Cacheability Engine will check a URL you feed it for several things that will affect a Web cache, including web server clock skew, expires and Cache-Control headers, Last-Modified date presence, validation of LM date, Content-Length presence and more. It makes it easy to see how a cache will treat your content. There are also public engines running, so you don't have to install the software to use it for Internet-available sites.


Recent releases

  •  16 Jul 2000 01:22

    Release Notes: Various bugfixes, code cleanup, etc. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

    •  12 Dec 1999 19:29

      Release Notes: Fixes for non-valid Expires problems, 'connection reset by peer' problems, Expires: 0 parsing problems, and NT timeout problems.

      •  29 Aug 1999 22:29

        Release Notes: Now works on Unix and Windows NT, support for use with a Netscape bookmarklet, many bugfixes, tweaks and code reorganisation.

        •  19 Jun 1999 10:15

          Release Notes: Many bugfixes and tweaks; can now be used as a MSIE context-sensitive extension.

          •  14 Jun 1999 10:18

            Release Notes: First release.


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