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Daimonin is a Massive Multiuser Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that split in December 2001 from the Crossfire project. Using the SDL library, it provides cross-platform clients with 2D isometric tile graphics, sound effects, and background music.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 May 2007 21:18

    Release Notes: This release features group playing, instance maps, a new DPS fight system, new spells and spell system, a big new player world, over 50 new monsters, an interface-driven talk system, a new complex quest system, many new quests and dungeons, an auto-updater, a new resting and regeneration system and much more.

    •  27 May 2006 19:35

      Release Notes: This release features a new client version for the BETA 3 system, which comes with new SDL files, updated media, and the book GUI. It needs an altered BETA3 server and doesn't work with 0.966.

      •  03 Feb 2006 22:38

        Release Notes: This update includes some minor bugfixes and feature enhancements. Beta4 is under development, and the main server has been patched to already include several Beta4 features that do not require new client software.

        •  13 Jul 2004 15:49

          Release Notes: New features include a (script based) bank system, named mobs (random spawns), new special item drops, new one drop quest items, 3 new dungeons with over 33 maps, new animations for female players, several hundred new single graphics, dozens of new arches, over 25 new monsters, a reworked exp & level table, and new drop & loot tables. The (outdoor) world size was doubled. Over 100 bugfixes and improvements were made. Many other changes were made to the project, such as an improved editor, a new Web site, a wikipedia, and a FAQ.

          •  13 May 2004 20:55

            Release Notes: This release has new female player character graphics, about 100+ new base weapons, over 120+ new armour objects, extended outdoor world maps, several new dungeons and maps, about 25 new monsters and NPCs, several new skills and spells, day and night with a new lighting engine, monster spawns depending on daytime, a new quest system with several scripted quests, a new /con system (grey, green, blue, yellow, orange, red, and purple), mouse moving and targeting, mouse tooltips for equipment, a split, sizable text window with alpha blending, and several hundred other detail changes.


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