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DarkWorld is a space-based massively multiplayer real-time strategy game. Each player starts off with their own home planet. From there they can build ships, start exploring the universe, colonize other planets, and attack other players. What makes this game unique is that the game is always running at a very slow speed even when you are not connected. When you send a ship to another planet, it may not arrive for hours or days, and likewise the message it sends back may not arrive for hours or days. This allows many players to engage in a real-time strategy game that could last for months. New players can join the game at any time.


Recent releases

  •  07 Oct 2007 05:34

    Release Notes: Lots of bugfixes were made in this release. In addition to the bugfixes, a few new features were added. On the client, counts were added to the Universe view and gather and auto explore options were added to the Ship View. On the server side, a simple event logging feature was added. This logs all high level events that occurred in game. This log provides the data needed for post game analysis.

    •  26 Oct 2006 10:00

      Release Notes: Visible changes on the client side include the ability to attack other players, view events that happened while logged out, and view real-time player scores. Many changes were made on the server side to enable these new features. The server also supports the ability to constantly save the game to a database, however this new feature is not well tested.

      •  08 Apr 2005 22:37

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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