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13 Sep 2003 04:51 mochoa

DBPrism CMS 2.0.1 released
FYI DBPrism CMS 2.0.1 production is ready for downloading at SourceForge web site.
See release notes at:
Or go to the download section:

dbprism.[war|ear] file could be made using the script $CMS_HOME/scripts/ or using the project file for Oracle JDeveloper 9.0.3.

Viewlet Builder with install instructions and how to use the FrontEnd application are comming soon.

14 Feb 2001 16:12 mochoa

Cocoon integration
DB Prism plugged into the Apache Cocoon framework is a new way for making Internet applications with technologies as XML and XSLT. Cocoon is a presentation framework based on servlet technology, so it can run in any web server supporting servlet technology. As a presentation framework it has the responsibility for serving pages requested by the user, applying first styles as the page needs and transforming static or dynamic XML content into HTML. Cocoon is also able to perform more sophisticated formatting, such as XSL:FO rendering on PDF, WML formatting for WAP-enabled devices, or direct XML serving to XML and XSL aware clients. The Cocoon project aims to change the way web information is created, rendered, and served by completely separating document content, style, and logic.
DB Prism is plugged into the Cocoon framework for the XML creation step. It then moves the logic to the database, closely allied to the data itself. The most important characteristic of DB Prism is that unlike in other technologies, the logic of the application resides in the database as a stored procedure. The stored procedure could be written in the proprietary language or in Java. Writing stored procedure in Java with a JDBC or SQLJ call guarantees portability across different database vendors because there is a standard defined for this purpose.

14 Feb 2001 16:10 mochoa

Backward compatibilty for Oracle Applications
The main motivation to work like the PLSQL Cartridge of Oracle Web Server is to allow old technologies to coexist with new ones, helping in the migration path. Using DB Prism it is possible to run applications made to work with Oracle Web Server ( OWS ( ) in the same box or the latest Oracle Internet Application Server ( IAS ( ) mod_plsql ( without any modifications.
This kind of application includes applications designed with Oracle Designer - Web Server Generator ( or Oracle Web DB ( , and standalone applications made using the PLSQL HTP toolkit (Html Toolkit Procedures is group of related procedures or functions written in PLSQL to make application for the Oracle Web Server architecture). For further information on how these applications work, refer to the developer's manuals of these products.

08 Jan 2001 16:31 mochoa

DB Prism - Cocoon integration at Wrox Press
DB Prism ( - Cocoon ( integration has a chapter in a book of
Wrox press
Profesional XML databases (
This chapter named DB Prism: A Framework to Generate Dynamic XML
from a Database" includes:

- Cocoon architecture.
- DB Prism architecture.
- DB Prism class diagram.
- DB Prism: Benefits provided to the Cocoon Framework.

Part I. DB Prism Internals; focusing on "How to write a new Adapter":

- Who is who?
- Code to be taken into account.
- DB Prism
- DBConnection
- DBFactory
- SPProc
- Common issues on writing a new Adapter.

Part II. Putting DB Prism at work.

- Cocoon Setup on Oracle Internet Application Server - IAS (
- DB Prism Setup on IAS
- Loading DB Prism examples
- Making a Content Management System (CMS)
- Brief introduction to a CMS
- Design of the meta model
- Writing the Java Code
- Loading the Content
- Making two different stylesheets
- Conclusion and beyond

This chapter is based on DB Prism 1.1.0 production.


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