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02 Jul 2001 18:10 joegroff

Problem with NASM in RedHat 7.x
It appears that the NASM that comes prepackaged
with RedHat 7.x (and possibly other gcc
2.96-based distributions) is broken. Also, compiling
NASM from source under RedHat 7.x using gcc 2.96
seems to produce a broken NASM. DGen compiled
with such a NASM will segfault on start up. Until I
can figure out exactly what's going on, use the <a
from 6.2.

Any information from other developers about
success or defeat building nasm with gcc 2.96 (or
3.0, now that it's out) is appreciated.

26 Feb 2001 21:07 juhtolv

All your base are belong to us
Best feature in this emulator is, that it can run Sega Genesis-version of that game called "Zero Wing". All your base are belong to us.

24 Jun 1999 18:42 phillipk.h

Christopher Columbus Wasn't the First Either... :)
Anyone interested in other alternative projects related to emulating a Sega Genesis/MegaDrive on Un*x based workstations may want to look at these links:


DGen/SDL isn't actually the first Linux Genesis emulator, but it is the first to have almost flawless sound, and interlace mode. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

24 Jun 1999 13:53 phillipk.h

The First REAL Sega Genesis/MegaDrive Emulator for Linux/X11
I am glad to be a part of the DGen/SDL project, the first REAL Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator for Linux/X11. I hope that others enjoy using it as much as I enjoy working on it with Joe and Dave.


Multiple 68000 CPU cores available. StarScream, Musashi...
YM2612, SN76496, and Z80 sound chip emulators. Currently supports 2 different Z80 cores (ZZ80 and MZ80)...
Uses SDL portable graphics library...
Linux joystick support. Uses new joystick drivers like those in recent kernels, support Gravis Gamepad Pro, Flightsticks, etc...
Interlaced video support for split screen modes in Sonic 2 and 3... Exclusive! No other emulator to date is capable of this...
Assembly language used for optimization in many places, using NASM...
Game Genie patches...
Gzipped ROM support. Loads .SMD and .BIN formats...
Savestate support. Save games that don't have battery backup RAM. 10 selectable slots...
Resource configuration file support, don't need nasty commandlines...
Crap TV filters, renders different effects, expandable...
On-screen-display, similar to Snes9X...
Under development, so more is underway... =)

Based on original code by Dave, original author of DGen (DirectX/DOS.) Visit the homepage for more information, full source code, binaries, and help on compiling, etc. Re-live those old Sega games, and do it in style with DGen/SDL!


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