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DictEm is an extremely customizable DICT client for (X)Emacs. It implements all functions of the client part of the DICT protocol (RFC-2229). Unlike dictionary.el, it widely uses autocompletion that is used for selecting a dictionary and search strategy. It provides several hooks that may be used for buffer postprocessing. Built-in hyperlinking and a highlighting mechanism are based on this ability. It supports the mechanism of virtual dictionaries that can be used for grouping dictionaries from different DICT servers into the client-side virtual dictionary.


Recent releases

  •  25 Aug 2012 20:50

    Release Notes: A flag (interactive) was removed from the following functions: dictem-select-strategy, dictem-select-database, dictem-read-query, and dictem-run. This fixes Debian bug #564251.

    •  22 Jul 2012 15:43

      Release Notes: The dictem-get-matches function now works correctly, i.e. returns dictionary names without ":" in the end. Insertion of text produced by the "dict" client of a user's database is always made at the end of the dictem buffer. This fixes the problems with highlighting in match/define mixed results. A failure when dictem-use-user-databases-only is t was fixed.

      •  22 Mar 2009 15:33

        Release Notes: Another fix in the dictem-postprocess-definition-remove-header postprocessing function.

        •  20 Mar 2009 11:23

          Release Notes: This release fixes dictem-postprocess-definition-remove-header. (It wrongly deleted an extra line.)

          •  11 Oct 2008 19:24

            Release Notes: Running dictem-initialize every time your network or Internet connection is up is a bit annoying. To avoid this, dictem is (re)initialized (if needed) automatically from the dictem-select-strategy and dictem-select-database functions. As a result, running dictem-initialize in .emacs becomes unnecessary.


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