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07 Jun 2012 07:39 Steve8x8

Are you up for a new challenge?
The 3.17 development series has just been started, for testing new bugfixes and enhancements which would later be (back-)ported to the stable series but may still be broken or incomplete.
Caveat: If you don't like bleeding edges, don't use this. Problem reports to be sent by e-mail only!

22 Dec 2011 20:27 Steve8x8

Almost exactly one year after the site update which broke "early filtering" by Difficulty/Terrain/cacheSize from search results, we are proud to present GeoToad 3.14.7 which re-introduces this feature, adds search result limiting, and fixes a few minor issues.
As a bonus, Mac OS X packaging is back - hopefully the package will work on OSX versions prior to 10.6 (the version used for the build).
Please go directly to the GoogleCode download page until the links on this page are fixed.

There's also an update to the development version, now at 3.15.2 - attempts have been made to understand more foreign languages, and respect the user's date format preference.

See the GeoToad wiki for more details.

18 Oct 2011 14:52 Steve8x8

There's a new release out - 3.14.6 fixes the login issue that was triggered by the Oct 6 site update.
(Apologies that the "What's new" list may have been broken by past updates.)
Until the links on this page have been updated please visit

There's also a 3.15.1 with enhanced functionality (which is tagged Development and not Featured) but still in beta testing. Caveat emptor.

29 Sep 2011 09:59 Steve8x8

For more than two weeks, there's an incomplete set of GeoToad 3.14.5 packages available. MacOS isn't part of them yet which is why there hasn't been an announcement here yet.

There is also a development branch now (3.15.x) which for obvious reasons won't be linked to from here.


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