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gjots lets you organize text notes in a convenient, hierarchical way. It can be used for notes, jottings, bits and pieces, recipes, and even PINs and passwords, using encryption. It can also be used to "mind-map" larger compositions like manuals, Web pages, articles, etc. It is a bit like the KDE program "kjots", but uses the GTK library and supports a hierarchy of folders. Files can be output to HTML with an automatic table of contents or to docbook XML. Encryption is supported with ccrypt(1), gpg(1), and openssl(1), so that musings can be kept private.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Apr 2014 22:39

    Release Notes: Adds localization support for glade3. Allows timeouts up to 1hr. Fixes %files in the spec file to add the default final parameter. Installation in /bin is now working (Fedora 19/20). Red Hat packaging improvements have been merged. Messages about versions of sourceview and glade being used have been added.

    •  30 Oct 2013 11:18

      Release Notes: This release adds adds support for gtk.builder (glade-3, fedora-18) in addition to gtk.xml (glade-2, Centos6), adds a combobox on the find entry in the menubar with associated gconf entries, supports gtksourceview3 as well as gtksourceview2 and gtksourceview, lets "move treeitem up/down" jump to adjacent parents, uses a secondary treestore for cut-and-paste instead of a temporary file (a little more secure), fixes gpg2 support, adds AutoSave after N seconds, adds last_file so that fileselect dialog can be primed, and adds auto_read_only_timeout.

      •  23 Feb 2013 22:34

        Release Notes: Uses xdg-open/gnome-open as URL handlers. Adds an ^R shortcut for the read-only flag. A Swedish translation. A workaround for re.I not working on Unicode strings. Enables UTF-8 in find/replace. Adds a pop-up to remind the user to install pygtksourceview to get undo. Prevents drag and drop before root item. Gives focus to menubar_find_entry on find-next/find-prev and select all. Jumps to next/prev item on PgDn/PgUp at end/start of textBuffer. Fixes a lib64 issue for x86_64.

        •  14 Jul 2011 01:13

          Release Notes: German language support and a find tool in the menu bar.

          •  06 Jul 2011 11:30

            Release Notes: Backwards search was added. The "Find Previous" menu item was added with a keyboard shortcut of S-C-g. "Find Previous" and "Find Next" now set or unset the "backwards" flag in "preferences". The regex for the browser to look for xulrunner-2/.*firefox- was tightened. MOD2_MASK was being set on all keyboard events, so it is now masked out in treeview handler. ^End now goes to the absolutely last element. ^PgDn now goes to the last visible element.

            Recent comments

            20 Feb 2011 11:46 susulic

            I'd like to provide a Slovenian translation to gjots. How do I proceed? Bear in mind that I'm a total beginner at this, so I have no clue as to what tools are used or anything. In addition, I'm a Debian user and have no clue as to yum and stuff... I do however like gjots very much a lot and use it daily, and would really like to contribute.

            Best regards,

            Aleksa Šušuli?


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