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gLife embodies the concepts found in artificial life and cellular automata (subsets of artificial intelligence), with a bias towards creating an artificial society. It provides a limited set of rules, towards the goal of making some sort of society emerge.


Recent releases

  •  16 May 2000 23:35

    Release Notes: A couple of bugfixes, a new 'speed' rule (multiple moves per turn), a pretty significant speed-up in the code, Russian translation, and updated documentation (and re-licensing of documentation to GNU FDL).

    •  09 Apr 2000 02:25

      Release Notes: Reproduction ruleset is now complete and enabled, major memory and speed enhancements, more options for user configuration, the ability to get information on either the animals or the terrain, documentation implemented and integrated into the application, and many other minor bugfixes.

      •  03 Jan 2000 23:30

        Release Notes: Compilation fixes (proper dependencies added). Layout fixes. Animal movement has been visually enhanced. Feedback from the simulation is enabled. The ability to restart or end the simulation was added.

        •  28 Dec 1999 05:50

          Release Notes: Bugfixes to the preferences dialog. No longer blocks the GUI while running the simulation. New, correct "random movement" algorithm. Uses "friendlier" default values. Efficiency should be improved. Visual enhancements to animal moving.

          •  27 Dec 1999 08:44

            Release Notes: Initial release.


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