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GNATS is a portable incident/bug report/help request-tracking system which runs on UNIX-like operating systems. It easily handles thousands of problem reports, has been in wide use since the early 90s, and can do most of its operations over e-mail. Several front end interfaces exist, including command line, emacs, and Tcl/Tk interfaces. There are also a number of Web (CGI) interfaces written in scripting languages like Perl and Python.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Mar 2005 01:06

    Release Notes: This release incorporates multiple bugfixes and enhancements, including an upgrade to autoconf 2.59 generated configure scripts, new PR numbers are reported to the client upon new submissions, performance enhancements to the indexing code, code cleanup, and various bugfixes.

    •  17 Nov 2004 11:55

      Release Notes: This version features a fix for a potential format string security vulnerability which could possibly be exploited to run arbitrary code on the host system.

      •  01 Aug 2003 12:05

        Release Notes: This release is almost a full rewrite. It features vastly improved customization, allowing sites to customize virtually all aspects of GNATS behaviour, especially to define custom fields of any type, an improved network daemon that now allows direct problem report submission, it can verify the contents of problem reports before they are submitted and it provides more database setup information to the remote tools, much more powerful database queries, password encryption, and a thoroughly revised and largely rewritten manual

        •  02 Dec 2002 15:32

          Release Notes: A myriad of bugfixes were made. A new standard field "Notify-List" was added, replacing the v3 X-GNATS-Notify field. The unused fields Quarter, Keywords, and Date-Required were removed from std. dbconfig. Password matching and the gnats-pwconv tool were broken in beta 1, and have been fixed. It is now possible to require fields to be nonempty on initial PR submission and also to specify that certain fields can never be empty. The manual has a new chapter called "dbconfig recipes" with usful dbconfig customizations that also illustrate the great power of dbconfig. The manual is now complete. Gnatsweb 4.0 beta 4 is included.

          •  11 Jan 2002 01:57

            Release Notes: This is a full rewrite, including vastly improved customization, an improved network daemon, much more powerful database queries, password encryption, and myriad smaller improvements and changes.

            Recent comments

            18 Oct 2002 06:34 yngves

            New GNATS maintainer
            Andrew Gray is the new maintainer of GNATS. Here is Andrew's posting to the help-gnats mailing list:

            Following Milan's decision to step down as GNATS maintainer, I volunteered and have been appointed GNATS maintainer by RMS.

            My immediate plans are to go through outstanding bug reports and then produce a second 4.0 beta release. Other than a couple of patches I have not worked on GNATS development before now, so it will take me a little while to get "up to speed".

            Andrew Gray

            15 Oct 2002 04:14 yngves

            GNATS 4.0 beta 2 approaching
            Even though we lost our primary maintainer of GNATS (someone willing to take over?), we are working hard on resolving bug reports and applying submitted patches. A qualified guess puts a beta 2 around mid-November.


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