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Gnome Toaster

Gnometoaster is a full CD creation suite for X11 and GNOME. It can be used to copy and create data, audio, and mixed mode CDs on the fly or with precaching in both TAO and DAO mode. Data tracks can easily be created with the built-in file manager. GNOME drag-and-drop is supported throughout the program. Gnometoaster can also write MP3 files on the fly, is fully multisession capable, and can be used to encode all sorts of filetypes directly from audio audio tracks on a CD.


Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2002 21:41

    Release Notes: A fix for a bug in recorder detection, a new button to reach home directory more easily, updated translations for Lithunian, French, Russian, and Spanish, and support for selecting recording speeds > 24x.

    •  27 Jan 2002 16:50

      Release Notes: The Ogg-Vorbis support was broken and has now been fixed.

      •  26 Jan 2002 18:19

        Release Notes: Fixes for slow recorder detection on some systems, a recorder selection dialog, and a fix for a possible crash in selection code.

        •  28 Oct 2001 16:34

          Release Notes: Shorten playing time is now calculated accurately. DnD of multiple files now works with konqueror. CDDB fixes were made. A file renaming bug was fixed. The French translation was updated. ID3 tags are now set when encoding MP3. CD-text support was improved.

          •  02 Jul 2001 06:04

            Release Notes: This release includes remembering of the window position, fixes for .m3u drag-and-drop, fixes for cddb requesting, updates to the French translation, a rename dialog for tracks, and the automatic bus scan at startup is now optional.

            Recent comments

            22 May 2003 15:14 klook

            Works OK, but no multisession CDs on 2.4 kernel!! Arggghhh!!!

            14 Feb 2003 13:58 emil5

            not perfect but quite good
            Unfortunatly all those gui frontends are not the best quality. But this is in my opinion the best.

            04 Jul 2002 07:54 miffoswe

            Really good at what it does.
            Intuitive, fast, stable and nice layout. Does what its supposed to without wining. Totally in pair with most other similar apps in other os'es. I like it but thats obvious isnt it?

            07 Mar 2002 20:56 jeffreybak

            Not quite all there
            This program probably looks fine on the author's computer but is unbearable on mine. GTK+ users must learn about flexible widget layout. Aside from the impossibility of actually reading the labels in gnometoaster, I was unable to make it find my two SCSI cd writers and I was constantly attacked by popup windows whose use was unclear.


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