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gpgpwd is a terminal-based password manager. It stores a list of passwords in a GnuPG-encrypted file, and allows you to easily retrieve, change, and add to that file as needed. It also generates random passwords which you can use, easily allowing you to have one "master password" (for your gpg key), with one unique and random password for each website or service you use, ensuring that your other accounts stay safe even if one password gets leaked. gpgpwd can also utilize git to allow you to easily synchronize your passwords between different machines.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Apr 2014 09:30

    Release Notes: gpgpwd now signs its database with gpg, allowing it to detect if the password database has been tampered with. Each password is now individually encrypted (in addition to the encryption of the entire database) to mitigate against attacks that read gpgpwd's memory. gpg-agent is now required, and a temporary gpg-agent is started for the duration of the program if one is not running. Readline is now used for input for improved keyboard navigation. There were various other feature enhancements.

    •  18 Mar 2014 21:08

      Release Notes: This release improves fuzzy searching, adds a rename command, drops use of given/when-statements (due to being re-labelled as experimental in Perl 5.18), removes some warnings when gpg is symlinked to gpg2, disables gpg-compression (improving encryption), adds --try-require-agent, a more forgiving version of --require-agent, and adds --fast-git, which makes retrieving passwords stored in git a lot faster.

      •  23 Jun 2012 13:56

        Release Notes: This release adds fuzzy matching when retrieving entries (i.e., for typo correction), implements --no-xclip as documented, adds support for gpg2, and adds --disable-agent to disable use of gpg-agent.

        •  15 Jun 2012 17:40

          Release Notes: This is the initial release.


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