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01 Sep 2009 14:40 sharljimhtsin

In windows ,the program asks the file that auto-generate by itself to be owned by user ROOT, but i logged as administrator.

06 Jul 2009 10:01 hsleisink

No, the ZIP file is oke. It's probably your connection which is too slow. The webserver is protected against clients who read to slow and therefor keep connections open for too long. Please, try again via a faster connection (+50kb/s).

01 Jul 2009 00:12 m3lvm

The windows Zip file is faulty

28 Sep 2007 01:45 hsleisink

Windows package
The Windows package was build incorrectly. If you downloaded the package before september 28th 10:30h +0200 and experienced problems, please redownload the package. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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