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ickle is an ICQ2000 client using the GTK-- graphical toolkit. It aims to bring all the useful features of ICQ2000 to non-Windows users. It supports message/URL/SMS sending/receiving (including SMS delivery reports), status changes, reading away messages, and fetching advanced user info from a server. History browsing and lots of configurability in Settings are available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jul 2002 12:28

    Release Notes: This is another minor bugfix release which fixes problems that have surfaced when compiling with GNOME support, and compiling with the gcc 3.xx series of compilers. Lots of namespace tidying up and tidying for gcc 3.1 was done.

    •  26 Apr 2002 17:54

      Release Notes: This release fixes many small bugs that were found since the 0.3.0 major release. It works better behind a firewall (port binding ranges can be specified). The problems with configure failing on Red Hat systems have been fixed.

      •  16 Apr 2002 22:14

        Release Notes: This release has many major changes: custom away messages, spell checking in message boxes, white pages searches (detailed, by UIN and keyword), invisibility, window indication of messages, support for authorisation requests, auto-away on idle timeouts, more user information, and the ability to retrieve and update your own user information.

        •  05 Jan 2002 21:09

          Release Notes: Bugfixes for sending messages more reliably and the GNOME applet.

          •  27 Dec 2001 00:41

            Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes, improved history behaviour, and definite compile support for gcc 3.0.

            Recent comments

            17 Apr 2002 08:06 barnabygray

            Re: libsigc++ problem
            We've got to the bottom of this problem, it's a problem in a broken autoconf version. I've distributed quick fixes for the configure script that should fix it. They can be found at:



            17 Apr 2002 03:49 ugbuz

            Re: libsigc++ problem

            use the --disable-XXXtest flags (XXX for libsig, gtkmm, etc) so it only checks on version, but does not try to compile a test part ... help for me in gtkmm and libicq2000 parts

            mfg, gul

            05 Mar 2002 13:56 ak22

            libsigc++ problem
            ive installed libsigc++ 1.0.3 lib but yet still cant
            compile wif this msg.

            checking for sigc-config... /usr/local/bin/sigc-config
            checking for libsigc++ - version >= 1.0.0... 1.0.4
            checking if libsigc++ sane... (1.0.3) no
            configure: error: You need to have the libsigc++
            libraries installed - see the README for more

            any help?

            02 Jan 2002 17:20 mcschrijver

            Re: gcc3?

            > All I can answer is possibly, I've
            > fixed the header includes so they should
            > work with libstdc++v3, but as yet I am
            > unable to test it with gcc 3.0.
            > I'd appreciate any information on
            > problems/success.

            I just successfully compiled ickle 2.1.0 with gcc 3.0.3.
            It works quiet well, haven't tried it alot yet.

            11 Dec 2001 10:39 Zagato

            This is a no-bull shit working ICQ2000 client, THX man
            this app rox!! Needs a little functionality (user search,
            file sharing, skins, ... )but I prefer this one over all the
            others so far... Keep up the good work!


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