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19 Jun 2000 10:12 brenthordenordquist

Installing IMP with RPMs
We've updated the RPMs for IMP 2.2.x and we're working to improve the installation process for those who prefer to install using only RPMs.
If you haven't tried installing IMP (and its prerequisites) with RPMs lately, you should try the new ones; we'd greatly appreciate any feedback. I've requested a "redhat packages" link for this freshmeat entry; here is where they can be found: (in the noarch subdirectory)

23 Mar 2000 15:02 tschenk

IMP User Interface/Themes
First of all thanks for creating the IMP. I think it's quite a useful and powerful tool in comparison to some other webmailers around.

However, the user interface doesn't look good IMHO. Also, support of themes would be great! An outstanding (commercial) web mailer interface was created at (

You'll see it once you are signed up (for free). BTW, I'm not related to them...

09 Oct 1999 17:25 xv

IMP - Simple to install and a great tool
Yes, it's nice and easy. I've tried to install it with redhat rpm's (together with mysql, php apache and imap) and I just couldn't. It took me 3 days and then I gave up. When I decided to give the tar balls a try, it jusk took me some hours and some INSTALL and README files to get the job done.

19 Sep 1999 22:27 abo

Setup not too hard, but hard on browsers.
I've just managed to get it up and running by using some un-official beta deb's. In the end the hardest part was the deb's post-install script was a bit broken, and I had to RTFM and finalize the setup manually. I have a feeling it would have been even easier to set up if I'd done it by hand and hadn't used the slightly broken debs.

It's as full featured as you can get...I can't imagine what else could be added to make it better. My only concern is that it is perhaps over-featured, and relies heavily on javascript and frames. Also the mysql/postgres contacts database is neat but hard for newbies to import/export from other mail clients.


06 Sep 1999 05:54 zerbey

Agreed - it should be easier
I'm sure IMP is pretty simple if you have the time and patience to go through the documentation. I'm testing different web->mail apps and to be honest, I don't :-)

It looks like a really cool program but developers! - you really need to make it a lot better if you want people to use it. I'll keep an eye out for later releases and see how it develops

05 Jul 1999 19:05 zipper2

hard to install ?!
about the previous comment:

I would like to make clear that horde or imp isn't hard to install, in fact, I installed it in minutes. and I have only been into unix for about 1 year now.

If you aren't able to install apache or php then the issue wouldn't be IMP, don't you think?

I know that if you want to install IMP and you have none of the requiered applications installed then it could take some time to get everything working. but it's not the point I think.

How would you make IMP easiest to install? making apache & php easier to install as well, right?

in 4 words : not an IMP issue

hope you guys give it a try! besides if you get php working you could install more php based applications like phorum or others in a matter of seconds

best regards


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