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Jagzilla is a Java-based set of components built around Bugzilla. It is fully compatible with Bugzilla (it uses the same database) and provides many interesting components, including a core API to manage data, an Eclipse plugin, a Web application (with nice reports), an email processor to read an email address and add bugs from email messages, and a Web services interface and client library.

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Recent releases

  •  20 Feb 2004 04:15

    Release Notes: This initial release of the REST Web app exposes Hagzilla through XML and HTML (based on the REST architecture). It passes almost all tests, but is missing documentation and configuration facilities. It does not package the REST client, so you will also need to checkout the jagzilla-rest-client (and dependent projects) to test the API.

    •  02 Jan 2004 04:09

      Release Notes: Events have been added for changeBugStatus, changeBugSeverity, changeBugPriority, removeBug, addBugAttach, and resolveBug. There is initial support for attachments. The event system is working for adding and update bugs, and is currently configured to send email messages. Bugs and products can be saved and loaded to XML (implemented with castor). It is also easy to add the same functionality to other classes. There is an initial implementation of event handling.

      •  23 Dec 2003 13:08

        Release Notes: This release contains some important bug fixes and minor enhancements. Bug reassignment and marking as duplicate have also been implemented.

        •  14 Dec 2003 07:25

          Release Notes: This is the initial release of the Web application. It uses the Jagzilla core API to create a Web interface to Bugzilla, based on JSP. This release includes rudimentary Tomcat realm support.

          •  04 Dec 2003 04:08

            Release Notes: This is a stable, production ready release. All items have a correct, predictable behavior. UI improvements were made.


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            Project Spotlight

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