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28 Jan 2009 05:21 clubaqua

WIKI Up and Running for JS Logic
After a little experimentation I've opted to go with SourceForge's Hosted App "Media Wiki" instead of PBWiki. The main reason is that I expect a lot of the time to go into the Wiki, and I want the Sourceforge rating and statistics to reflect the effort put into it.

Check out the WIKI at:

22 Jan 2009 03:14 clubaqua

SVN Repository Up and Running
Either osmosis is a slow process, or I've hung around long enough for someone else to fix all the bugs with open-source version control. Either way, I've managed to set up a SVN repository for the JScript Logic project. Thanks ever so much to the crowd at for their work on TortoiseSVN.

I'm also working on using PBWiki to act as the "TestForge" for creating the javascripts and the webpages upon which they run. I haven't made the site publicly accessible yet, but expect the next upcoming release to be built there

20 Jan 2009 00:18 clubaqua

JSPuzzles renamed to JScript Logic
It's been several years since I've done anything with this project.

In the interim, developers on unrelated projects have used the name "JSPuzzles" to refer to JigSaw Puzzles". I've opted to rename my project to JScript Logic, which is more descriptive of the true nature of the project

22 Nov 2003 07:36 clubaqua

JSPuzzles.htm has 3 components that I'd like to bring to your attention. Firstly, it is a self-contained JavaScript application which has sourcecode, documentation and a demo application all conveniently packaged into one HTML file.
Secondly, it implements a jssetsRE class/function which can be used on its own for parsing hierarchical text databases (nested text delimited by open/close characters).
Finally, the jspuzzlesRE class/function demonstrates how hierarchical databases can be used in decision making... in this case, to solve logic puzzles using deductive reasoning.

It isn't my intention to make JSPuzzles a product. Having said that, I enjoy logic puzzles, and I would like to see the application be able to solve more complex puzzles with indirect references to entities and other relationships (e.g. nextdoor to, before/after, twice as high, etc)

If you're a JavaScript or C++ developper and would like to take this application and run with it, I would certainly be willing to assist in any way possible.


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