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OSSP l2 is a C library providing a very flexible and sophisticated Unix logging facility. It is based on the model of arbitrary number of channels, stacked together in a top-down data flow tree structure with filtering channels in internal nodes and output channels on the leave nodes. Channel trees can be either constructed manually through lower-level API functions or all at once with a single API function controlled by a compact syntactical description of the channel tree. For generating log messages, a printf-style formatting engine is provided which can be extended through callback functions. The data flow inside the channel tree is controlled by logging message severity levels which are assigned to each individual channel.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Nov 2003 21:05

    Release Notes: logX() macros have been removed from the API. A problem was fixed where OSSP l2 did not terminate a message when it contains a newline character, so if the previous message was longer, the part between the newline and the end of the previous message was repeated in the current message. A Bison "locations" option has been added to the scanner, fixing the missing reentrant "yylloc" for Flex 2.5.31.

    •  06 Oct 2003 18:59

      Release Notes: This release changes the "jitter" option in the "file" channel from "flag" to "count" and adds a new "monitor" option to the "file" channel.

      •  15 Sep 2003 09:45

        Release Notes: The "prefix" channel now performs atomic downstream writes to prevent garbled log files.

        •  30 Jun 2003 18:20

          Release Notes: This release introduces a "trunc" option for the file channel, but keeps support for the obsolete "append" option. An "array too small by one element" bug in fd and file channels has been fixed. A new "jitter" option has been added to the file channel.

          •  30 Jul 2002 23:01

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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