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Linux MangOeS is, a lifestyle operating system based on Enlightenment (e17) and openSuse 11.4. Its focus is to provide access to richer Internet content and computing needs primarily in rural and provincial areas of the Philippines.


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Almost Mother's Day! May 7, 2011 01 May 2011 19:28

Almost Mother's Day! May 7, 2011 I'll be uploading to both the preload iso and the live cd iso to later today. Please give feedback. Note: MangOeS is always in a consistent state of development and that there is no guarantees that it will work "properly". There's no such thing as "stable" so be forewarned :). Major Build Release - May 1, 2011 I just built it today and testing as I type :). I will be releasing it for public download soon. Wow! 68 downloads! Thanks you guys!I would like to thank everyone who is and has supported this project. i do appreciate everyone who is involved and hopefully continue to move the project forward. * please select “Standard Desktop” for testing – I will fix MangOeS desktop config files soon. * new artwork featuring Bantayan Island! (I’ve released the photo under GPLv3) * Build is now Dual-Licensed: GPLv3 and MPLv1.1 updated/removed repositories * Apple and Blackberry device sync possible! Persistent Information: *preload .iso is available for testing *NOTE: THIS BUILD WILL WIPE OUT YOUR ENTIRE HARD DRIVE Use this if you do not want to run a live environment to install Linux MangOeS. This is actually faster to install than the Live CD. * Unetbootin and Linux Live USB Creator are confirmed NOT to work with .ISO and USB/Hard Drive Image – must Use Studio Imagewriter here: Windows: * bluetooth works?? * debranding * ongoing GPL/MPL software compliance audit *opensuse has a maximum cap of 30 repos * Rumored and unconfirmed: installed on a cellphone and was able to boot a computer from it * login/logout sound added (needs testing)


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