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Yet another Linux FAQ

Yet another Linux FAQ is a comprehensive FAQ about the Linux Operating System. It is a great document for Linux beginners to read. This FAQ tries to help those new to Linux help themselves. It covers topics such as kernel recompilation and X Window System configuration.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Nov 2005 18:16

    Release Notes: The FAQ was completely redesigned, and dead links were cleaned up.

    •  31 Mar 2005 03:51

      Release Notes: The format was changed from multi-page to single. External links were cleaned up.

      •  01 Mar 2003 16:02

        Release Notes: This release adds a separate links page and many new links (and fixes several broken ones). A Palm e-book version of the FAQ has been created. The pdf, txt, and doc download versions have been updated. The broken formating on the tips page has been fixed. Section six has been overhauled. The formating has been changed to increase readability.

        •  01 Feb 2003 16:05

          Release Notes: This release adds a software compilation walkthrough, new links to other Linux FAQs, and fixes for formating on the tips page and a dead link.

          •  17 Jan 2003 22:13

            Release Notes: Some bad links have been fixed. Some errors in commands on page 3 have been corrected. There is some rewriting for legibility. Some work has been done on page 7, which is hopefully a little more clear.

            Recent comments

            17 Nov 2002 12:22 tedwilliams637

            A great site
            This site really helped me out. A must read for any one just starting out with Linux.

            27 Dec 2001 12:20 tekmate

            Re: Linux FAQ or Self-promo??
            I have hosted this FAQ on my companies web site and I wont deny it does help bring people in, but the truth is I have had the FAQ longer than the company. Is there anything about the FAQ that you don't like I'm always looking for suggestions for improvement. Any feedback both positive and negative is welcome.

            27 Dec 2001 01:46 Stalione

            Linux FAQ or Self-promo??


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