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llpp is a MuPDF-based PDF pager.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Apr 2014 14:45

    Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes, outline narrowing, JPG/PNG loading, and sync with mupdf 1.4.

    •  10 Mar 2013 08:49

      Release Notes: This release has bugfixes, better keyboard handling (keypad, neo layout, etc.), a remote interface, some features for SyncTex integration, and has been synced with post-1.2 mupdf.

      •  19 Oct 2012 14:05

        Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes.

        •  24 Apr 2012 17:56

          Release Notes: Synced with MuPDF 1.0. Split columns mode. Hints mode a la Conkeror. Ensures that things run under Cygwin's X and XQuartz.

          •  28 Feb 2012 07:15

            Release Notes: The dependency on GLUT was removed. Key mappings can now be modified by the user. Keyboard link navigation was added.

            Recent comments

            11 May 2014 16:41 0112358

            Sorry, I noticed that support for user keybindings has been added, but I can't seem to figure out how to actually modify the keybindings. Could you point me to a link?

            25 Apr 2014 19:16 brbukh

            @Tetra. There is already a way to print, via Ctrl+p. The way it works is by invoking the command specified in 'path-launcher' config variable (in file ~/.config/llpp.conf), which by default is 'lp "%s"'. Here %s is substituted by the pdf file name. I hope that this comment saves another soul from wasting an hour pouring over the source code.

            13 Sep 2013 21:43 tetra_archos

            I am not sure if this is the correct place for this but is there any way to add a print command?

            02 Mar 2013 11:36 blue_copper

            It seems there is no way to use arrow keys to change pages keeping the page centered,
            The manual does not recognise q and / commands which is a pity
            A configuration file under ~/.config or a richer cli would be nice

            02 Feb 2012 13:19 shrdlu

            There is no bug tracker, please report any problems via e-mail. Btw it's a
            a miracle that i saw your comment at all, leave alone a day after it was


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