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lsnet is a system monitor that generates detailed charts for viewing on your Web site. One pixel represents 1 minute. It displays data for one day and also has a daily network usage chart showing how much up/down traffic there was for each day of the month.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Aug 2010 01:51

    Release Notes: This release added a -c option for providing an alternate config file at run time and a -v option for version info. pthreads support was added. Memory usage of lsnetd was reduced, and the speed of lsgd was improved. There were various code updates.

    •  04 May 2010 15:53

      Release Notes: A bug that broke with 2010 in dates.c/h has been fixed. A configuration option for LOGDIR has been added. A gdnetmonth bug that sometimes caused negative values has been fixed.

      •  19 Aug 2009 10:37

        Release Notes: Cleanups were made to autotools. Clock skew detection was fully implemented to prevent writing entries to the log files if the system time is older than the last entry time. Log and lock files are now stored in /var/lib/lsnet instead of $prefix/lib/lsnet. No files are stored in $prefix/lib/lsnet anymore, so you should copy over old logs if you are updating versions.

        •  18 May 2009 01:28

          Release Notes: This release adds error checks on startup via errors.h. It adds autotools support. Links to the project bindir have been removed; binaries are installed directly now. All warnings during compilation have been cleaned up. This release has been updated to be fully GPL compliant. A processes charting bug has been fixed. The gdmem "other" label has been corrected to show (total - cached - buffers) instead of just total.

          •  05 Mar 2009 09:58

            Release Notes: A bug causing incorrect memory numbers to be saved for buffers/cache was fixed. More details were added to the right side labels of mem/swap graphs.


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