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GNU Mailman is software to help manage email discussion lists and e-newsletters. Its integrated Web interface provides easy-to-use access for list members and list administrators. Mailman supports built-in archiving, automatic bounce processing, content filtering, digest delivery, spam filters, topics, Usenet gateways, and more. It is fully internationalized, and supports digests and email commands. It runs on any Linux or Unix-like operating system and is compatible with most email and Web servers, mail readers, and Web browsers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Apr 2004 18:01

    Release Notes: This is a patch release to GNU Mailman 2.1. A cross-site scripting vulnerability has been closed, and four new languages have been added: Catalan, Croatian, Romanian, and Slovenian. Header filtering has been expanded for use with upstream virus and spam filters (see Privacy -> Spam Filters). Many other bugfixes have been included as well.

    •  17 Jul 2003 21:51

      Release Notes: New language translations (pt/pl). improved to be more readable. Email addresses containing 8-bit characters are rejected (real names still allow 8-bit characters). X-Originating-Email header removed for anonymous lists. Now it's possible to build mailman specifying $DESTDIR. Now using email package 2.5.1. Semantics for the hook to MailList objects have changed slightly. bin/genaliases has a -q (quiet) flag. bin/transcheck now checks for double-%'s. The --change-msg (-c) option has been removed from bin/add_members. There are other improvements.

      •  17 Jul 2003 21:47

        Release Notes: Bugfixes and language updates. A cross-site scripting vulnerability in the user options page has been fixed. The ability to control headers shown in pages included in plaintext and MIME digests has been restored. Messages included in the plaintext digests are now sent through the scrubber to remove (and archive) attachments. MIME digests include attachments inline.

        •  01 Jan 2003 21:10

          Release Notes: Major new features include full internationalization (17 languages), list creation and removal via the Web, real name support, improved user and admin workflow, personalization and VERP-ish bounce detection, emergency moderation, MIME-based content filtering, regular expression based topics, member searching, moderated newsgroups, a new architecture for the email delivery subsystem, new moderation and privacy controls, invitations, autoresponse governors, global user options, improved MIME and i18n support in the archiver, a new list moderator role, urgent postings, and more.

          •  26 Aug 2002 02:05

            Release Notes: Some Python 1.5.2 compatibility problems that crept into Mailman 2.0.12 have been fixed. Another minor cross site scripting vulnerability has been fixed.

            Recent comments

            07 Oct 2007 00:47 RssProtocol

            Re: Mailman is great!

            > Highly recommended!

            Does the email discussion lists have the ability to show it's discussion on a web page? and can there be a login required, or do we have to build a login ourselves?

            We have a RSS authority site and want to either bring our discussion out in the open or have it behind a required login, we have not decided yet.

            We may be a little behind the scenes on our web capibilities but we are trying.

            03 Oct 2007 22:19 eduology

            Re: Mailman

            > % Does Mailman have windows system
            > % version, please?
            > Specifically is there a XP version or a
            > Vista version? If not are they on the
            > books or not?

            I ment to say Unix or Windows, I was thinking about another mailman program? Duh

            I have a few sites running on Windows boxes and want to know what programs are available if I move them to another system.

            One of our bigger projects is at (

            Any help is welcome...

            03 Oct 2007 22:09 eduology

            Re: Mailman

            > Does Mailman have windows system
            > version, please?

            Specifically is there a XP version or a Vista version? If not are they on the books or not?

            16 Jul 2007 22:54 amitbhawnani

            Good stuff
            Good job with the project :-) I think this stuff is really helpful.

            25 Aug 2005 06:39 creford

            Re: Mailman
            Does Mailman have windows system version, please?


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