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MetaFTPD is an FTP server/proxy with many features, including "MODE Z" compressed file transfers, file locking, chrooting, data-connection/firewall scripts, XSHA and XMD5 commands, and transparent proxying.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Apr 2014 23:35

    Release Notes: Initial IPv6 support (passive mode only). 'sendfile' syscall support. Linux capabilities support.

    •  03 Sep 2013 13:20

      Release Notes: Memory leaks have been fixed. --version now displays the correct version. Idle timeouts now work.

      •  14 Aug 2013 19:47

        Release Notes: Numerous minor bugfixes, and a new 'STRU T' command that allows the transfer of files packed in tarballs. When 'STRU T' is active, the transferred data is expected to be in tar format, and thus many files can be uploaded or downloaded at once. The 'make install' script was fixed.

        •  12 May 2013 20:58

          Release Notes: Many bugfixes. 'Hook' functions have been added to allow scripts to be run when a user logs in/out, uploads, downloads, deletes a file, or just before a data connection (the latter to allow dynamic insertion of firewall rules).

          •  10 Apr 2013 09:35

            Release Notes: The missing 'libUseful' is now included in the tarball. A new '--enable-pam=no' configure option has been added for systems where PAM is incorrectly detected.

            Recent comments

            13 May 2013 09:15 ColumPaget

            Okay, symbolic links are a pain. There was a dangling link in the first .tgz file uploaded, and this can send make into crazy forkbomb mode. Sorry if you downloaded metaftpd-0.0.7.tgz and discovered this.

            The .tgz has been updated, and should now include all the required files.


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