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04 Jan 2008 14:44 jinhale

Re: Best learning Freeware

> This is the best learning program I have

> tried. It has full multimedia,

Correction: not FULL multimedia, but rather sound and images.

04 Jan 2008 14:25 jinhale

Best learning Freeware
This is the best learning program I have tried. It has full multimedia, LaTex, and Unicode support. The algorithm it uses is very convenient and does in fact seem to speed up the learning process several times compared to traditional methods. Also it has several useful features like categories that can be activated or deactivated.

I have used it for several months to learn Chinese pronunciation, and computer related facts. Learning with this Sm2 based algorithm has allowed me to learn about 300 pinyin Chinese words a month. I studied an average of about 45 minutes a day. From what I have read on similar programs that is normal for a beginner.

For a list of Linux-based dependencies:

I have tried paid programs share wear and other free programs and the only ones that holds a candle to its flame are Supermemo and Full Recall, as far as I'm concerned. The problem with the Leitner method is that it doesn't advance easy cards fast enough and it resets the learning to the first deck after just one wrong answer, i.e. it's too slow.

Really the only big downside it that you have to make your own study materials. But many have already been made. If anyone wants to host a site that would allow more collaborative work on shared flashcard databases please do and let the author Peter know about it.

Lots of programs will allow you learn using flashcards, or just Kanji, or only something else, but this does it all. It is adding features regularly, and it supports research on memory. Use it for a month then join everyone else that wishes they started earlier.


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