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mpegrec (and wavrec, which is bundled with this program) provide direct-to-disk recording of wav and mp3 files from your sound card. 'lame' is required for mpegrec to encode audio on-the-fly to mp3. mpegrec is a simple, multithreaded (and multi-buffering) C application. It has been tested on a dual PII-450 running Linux Mandrake 7.0 with a Soundblaster PCI128 and works well capturing audio at 44.1kHz stereo directly to a 192kb mp3 file. The commandline interface is simple and allows recording for a specified number of seconds, or until Control-C is hit.


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  •  25 Feb 2000 06:36

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

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    19 Dec 2002 15:40 spiritlover

    It records about 15 minutes and then I get nothing but static.
    I'm trying to record from line-in to mp3, and it works sometimes from beginning to end, but not others...I don't think it's my input medium because that's tapes and they aren't malfunctioning, nor is the player.

    Any idea what's wrong here??


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