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31 Jul 2006 05:41 sobukus

Re: pre0.59s and CVS fail to compile linux-3dnow-alsa and
Topic: backport (any other) changes from pre0.59s CVS ?

We already have the MMX code... we try to get the current version stable and then see what one can improve by looking at Michael's trunk and other places like MPlayer's mp3lib.

I would be nice if we get 0.60 to safely support MPEG2.5 and free format...
If you have any other issues in mind - feel free to post that on the soruceforge project's tracker to remind us;-)

30 Jul 2006 18:13 fredlwm

Re: pre0.59s and CVS fail to compile linux-3dnow-alsa and

Thanks. I just installed 0.60-pre3. Very nice work. I've been searching for something to play .pls files.

BTW, do you intend to backport any other changes from pre0.59s CVS ? Are there any worth left ?

26 Jul 2006 23:17 sobukus

Re: pre0.59s and CVS fail to compile linux-3dnow-alsa and
audio_alsa.c is old and perhaps will only work on a system with old alsa 0.5 api.
Maybe we will write a replacement for current alsa, but that actually is not necessary: the development bof 0.60 version contains libao output - current alsa support is avaible among others.

20 Mar 2003 07:03 louigi600

This is a good mp3 player that eats up very little cpu
I liked it so much that I wrote a front ent for this in order to have smart playback capabilities in ncurses/text mode to be used in a car.
have a look at:

25 Dec 2001 04:05 fredlwm

pre0.59s and CVS fail to compile linux-3dnow-alsa and
Don't waste your time if you can't fix it. audio_alsa.c appears to be broken. There are various errors.

31 Jan 2000 04:53 tone

I've used mpg123 with Redhat and Slackware. It works great, and there are no bugs (that I see). I recommend it for those of you that use console, also check out Cmp3, it's a ncurses frontend for mpg123 (makes it easier, handles playlists). On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), I rate mpg123 as a 10, if you are looking for an mp3 player, you've found the best one.

11 Jan 2000 23:29 corvus23

mpg123 goes great with cdrecord!
I use the following sh script to write mp3's directly to my cdwriter as audio:

for var in `ls -1 $1`; do
echo Burning $var ..........;
mpg123 -s $var | cdrecord dev=imation -v -nofix -audio -swab -
cdrecord dev=imation -fix

23 Mar 1999 07:17 ybizeul

ppc users
sometimes, ppc users have to redirect the output to /dev/dsp
e.g. mpg123 -s song.mp3 > /dev/dsp

13 Mar 1999 01:50 nowimnothing

Totally wonderful...
This thing compiled perfectally under slackware 3.5,
runs very well, and actually plays mp3 WELL
on my 486/dx66 -- I'm VERY impressed.
Keep up the good work, this is quality software!

03 Feb 1999 01:05 herny

Best MP3 player
Simply... mpg123 is THE BEST MP3 PLAYER! Download it now!


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