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MuseScore lets you notate and compose music easily with your keyboard, your mouse, or a MIDI keyboard. You can print beautifully engraved sheet music or export it as PDF or PNG. You can play your score, transpose it, and save it as audio or MIDI file. MuseScore also supports MusicXML to let you share your composition with other scorewriters. MuseScore is often advertised as a cost effective alternative for Sibelius and Finale.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Mar 2013 09:26

    Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release. Two bugs causing a major nuisance and a dozen smaller ones have been fixed. No new features have been added. The translations and the handbooks have been updated.

    •  28 Jul 2011 12:43

      Release Notes: A new jazz font was added. The creation of lead sheets was made much easier. The program now embeds a Twitter stream for the latest news and YouTube tutorial videos to learn about the software. It features sheet music shared by the MuseScore community, which can be downloaded for free. Last but not least, more than 60 bugs have been fixed and MuseScore is now translated into 43 languages.

      •  08 Feb 2011 10:59

        Release Notes: MuseScore 1.0 builds further on the foundation of MuseScore 0.9.6 and the three bugfix releases released since June 2010. The focus of this release was stability by reducing bugs. Only a very limited set of new features were added. Several new translations were added.

        •  04 Dec 2010 16:37

          Release Notes: This is a bugfix release that corrects more than 13 problems, mostly critical. There are no new features compared to 0.9.6.

          •  09 Jun 2010 13:50

            Release Notes: This release comes with many new features, a lot of fixed bugs, new and updated translations, an improved plugin framework, and many more improvements.

            Recent comments

            24 May 2008 06:44 ttuuxxx

            Hi I compiled this on puppy Linux and when I run it, It doesn't display the menu graphics, the boxes still work just no icons on them?

            I also tried other peoples versions Debian and Slackware, both of those versions the same problem. I was wondering if you could package the menus graphics and tell me where to place them. That would be the easiest way of overcoming this issue. thanks for your time.


            I'll include a link to a picture of the problem.



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