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mysqltcl is the Tcl interface to mysql realtional database. It is the next version of mysqltcl1.53 (new contributor) with many new futures: Tcl8.0-Object support, Unicode support, configure support, no connection limitation, nested queries, handling of binary files (containing null values), and many extra commands: seek on result block, escaping of string, last inserted id, introspection of connection and query state, and query metadata (schema).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Mar 2007 15:21

    Release Notes: A bug in mysql::map and mysql::recieve was fixed. This bug occurred when one column selection was evaluated in a global context. TEA was updated to 3.5.

    •  30 Dec 2004 14:51

      Release Notes: This version supports all new functions of MySQL in version 4.1 except for prepared statments. There are 11 new commands for handling transactons, multistatements, multiresult, encoding, and null-value. There are also new connection options for full SSL support and additional MySQL 4.1 features. Documentation is now created with the tcl doctools package. All mysqltcl commands are defined in the ::mysql namespace, but old names are still supported for backward compatibility. Mysqltcl now allows reliable differentiation between the special database null value and the empty string.

      •  05 Nov 2004 19:14

        Release Notes: A new command mysqlreceive allows you to tranfer large SQL data sets without caching. This new command uses the internal C API function mysql_use_result and not mysql_store_result (see the MySQL C API manual). This allows better performance and does not overload the client cache with large data transfers. mysqlsel with the options -list and -flatlist also no longer use caching.

        •  05 Mar 2004 21:37

          Release Notes: This release can be used in nested interpreters. A bug where when closing the nested interpreter all MySQL connections were closed has been fixed. The documentation was corrected. There are some improvements when compiling under Debian. This release is resistant against a bug in MySQL 3.23.49.

          •  17 Jan 2004 16:57

            Release Notes: mysqltcl can now be used in threads. One connection cannot be shared among different threads.


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