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Netprofiler saves the settings of network devices into files with appropriate names for each device in a folder whose name is specified by the user. These are called netprofiles. It is then easy to change the network settings to those saved in the profiles.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jan 2008 12:57

    Release Notes: A small issue with the install script was fixed. The license was changed to the GPL version 3.

    •  20 Dec 2005 03:45

      Release Notes: This release adds a checkif_root function to, checks for hostx in case host from bind-utils isn't installed, masked filtering as a config file option, and path checks for id. The default permissions for the netprofiler script have been changed to 755. Root permission checks are now only executed when activating a profile or generating one.

      •  02 Sep 2005 10:43

        Release Notes: The existence of the default.profile profile is now ensured. A bug in netprofiler 0.9.9 that made it almost unusable was fixed. In the check for /tmp/current.profile within get_current_profile(), the function would instead check for the default.profile directory, causing netprofiler to overwrite profiles. Some minor changes were made to the script.

        •  27 Jul 2005 10:58

          Release Notes: was changed. Netprofiler is now installed to /usr/sbin instead of /usr/local/sbin. It also checks for the "host" command (from bind-utils) on the system and bails out if it doesn't find it. If the default route was a string (such as myrouter.lan or something similar), it would lead to many problems. Netprofiler now resolves these to their correct IP adress before writing the profile. If the last known current.profile profile file was deleted and then if netprofiler -s was run, it would bail.

          •  24 Jun 2005 21:04

            Release Notes: If the general.settings file was missing from a profile that was being activated, then netprofiler would bail. The get_nameservers function has been fixed to be able to handle multiple nameserver entries in resolv.conf. set_essid has been fixed to handle spaces. Support has been added for multiple nameservers. The installer script has been made a bit more flexible. It's now possible to specify the default route in any of the device files. Support has been added for the udhcpc DHCP client in the dhcp_client variable in the config file.

            Recent comments

            07 Aug 2005 21:12 gnarlin

            version 0.9.9
            this version is broken. I've already fixed the problem in -current. I will post 1.0 as soon as I have made it as bullet-proof as I can. Hopefully within a few days.

            29 Jul 2005 05:32 gnarlin

            BSD and OSX
            If anyone out there is running a BSD of some sort or OSX and if you have some spare time I would really apreciate it if you could run netprofiler with debugging enabled in bash and send me the output of both and netprofiler.

            Thank you.


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