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02 May 2001 22:06 tooraweenah

Red Hat RPMS removed
The Red Hat RPMS I posted above have been removed; they are out of date. For Netrek software, see ( Packaging experts are welcome, please contact the developers; <vanilla-list at us dot netrek dot org>.

13 Jul 2000 07:32 nveid

The game kicksass alot, your right.. It is sorta likea sport, though
Bolo(unfortunately it was Mac only) I'd like to say was pretty much of a sport too. So i wouldn't go that far to saying Netrek's the onlyone. :) Though it really does kickass, can't lie about that.

17 Apr 2000 22:43 sn

Netrek rules
This game is totally addictive - if you stick around long enough to look past the old fashioned graphics, that is.
Excellent team play, advanced strategies, realtime combat!
Not to mention the colorful community in (

09 Mar 2000 19:54 tooraweenah

Red Hat RPMS For Netrek
These were built for Red Hat V6.1 Intel.

Netrek Client (COW V3.00pl1)

base package netrek-client-3.00pl1-2.i386.rpm (,

enhanced graphics netrek-pixmaps-3.00pl1-2.i386.rpm (, and;

sound effects netrek-sounds-3.00pl1-2.i386.rpm (

Netrek Server (Vanilla 2.9pl5)

base package netrek-server-2.9pl5-1.i386.rpm (, and;

configuration program netrek-config-2.9pl5-1.i386.rpm (


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