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Linux NFS Utilities

nfs-utils provides the required support programs for using the Linux kernel's NFS support, either as a client or as a server (or as both).

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Recent releases

  •  22 May 2012 04:01

    Release Notes: This release added a nfsdcld daemon, an osd_login script (which is mandated by the pnfs-objects standard), a -l option for rpcgssd to enforce legacy behavior, and assorted bugfixes.

    •  19 Oct 2007 10:20

      Release Notes: Lots of fixes and improvements were made to mount.nfs and umount.nfs. The new "text based mount options" kernel interface is now supported, but is not yet the default. The 'nosharecache' mount option was added. Timeouts for TCP connections were made shorter. More efficient support was implemented for sites with a large number of netgroups. "nfsstate --since" can be used for easily reporting incremental statistics. Lots of compile warnings were silenced. The logging code was cleaned up. Memory leaks in mountd were fixed.

      •  11 May 2007 09:20

        Release Notes: The "mount.nfs" command was added, since the nfs mount functionality is being migrated from util-linux to nfs-utils. Substantial changes to were made statd. Various pieces of old code were removed. Lots of bugfixes and improvements were made.

        •  27 Feb 2007 05:31

          Release Notes: Lots of changes were made including a new 'mount' helper for NFS, several new export options (fslocations, uuid), GID mapping support for more than 16 GIDs, and more.

          •  08 Jul 2006 05:52

            Release Notes: This release added a 'mount.nfs' utility, which can be used as a mount helper for mounting NFS filesystems. It is currently disabled as some features don't work. There were also tidy-ups for the Makefile, autoconf, and warnings. Assorted unused files were deleted. mountd can now be run multi-threaded for configurations with many hundreds of clients. Assorted other fixes were made.


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