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02 Feb 2013 02:55 barathirnd

can make it as multi user for using commercial accountants whose have many clients

21 Dec 2005 10:35 drig

Love It!
I use NolaPro for my small business. I use their hosted service. It has been 100% error-free since the day I purchased it. I had one problem that turned out to be something I messed up in my browser. They were friendly and helped me resolve my problems. I'm also using Linux as my desktop, so the Windows standalone products, like QuickBooks, were not an option.

The reports are great. The product is easy to use for accounting newbies like me, but contains all of the features needed to run a small business. I love the fact that I can enter my expenses from any browser in the field. And, the price is right!

If you're thinking about starting a new business, you should consider NolaPro.

-Dave Rudder


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