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SHORE (Semantic Hypertext Object Repository) is a hypertext repository that stores data about documents and data described by documents. Access to this information is provided as hypertext. The repository stores objects that appear in documents, together with their relations in a semantic net. Hypertext navigation follows these relations in the semantic net. The SHORE server works as an HTTP server, and the client is a standard Web browser. The repository uses PROLOG as its query language and the XSB system as its query engine.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Apr 2005 20:49

    Release Notes: This release cuts down the memory consumption of an OpenSHORE server up to factor two. It comes with enhanced and optimized container classes for the integrated object-oriented database. The new classes need up to half the space in memory and on disk for typical document sets (Java source code, for example). It also enhances error messages and fixes some minor problems.

    •  29 Mar 2005 13:37

      Release Notes: This release integrates the latest XSB Prolog version 2.7.1 (Kinryo) as the query engine. This offers the user sophisticated deductive query possibilities to find out all sorts of information inside stored documents and about the relations among them. OpenSHORE shows query results as hypertext, which leads the user directly to found documents, semantically marked text sections (objects), and relation end points. The query engine reads facts about documents on demand from an interface to the object-oriented database of OpenSHORE, so facts must not be copied for queries.

      •  12 Mar 2005 20:09

        Release Notes: This release adds full team support with simultaneous read and write access to transaction guarded documents (ACID properties). The extended memory mapped file persistence layer implements MVCC transactions with redo log, optimistic write access control, and database page merging. MVCC (Multiple Version Concurrency Control) transactions allow users to access consistent document structures while new or updated documents are imported. The release also enhances support for modern Linux 2.6.x kernels and fix some minor problems.

        •  22 May 2004 20:07

          Release Notes: This is the first version that runs on Linux. It now builds and links completely with open source tools and libraries on Linux and Windows. It also fixes all reported bugs.

          •  06 Oct 2003 17:47

            Release Notes: This is the first Open Source version; it builds and links completely with Open Source tools and libraries. It adds a new persistence layer based on memory mapped files to substitute object oriented database functionality.


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