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06 Oct 2012 23:36 chiriacdc

It crashes quite often to me since the last upgrade (never before) when I want to save images

07 Sep 2009 14:06 dlekic

Opera 10 is IMHO the coolest release of the browser since the beginning of the project! It is just perfect!

21 Apr 2005 00:18 ravenmorris

Re: I guess you get what you pay for
Perhaps you were using the dynamic Qt version (which is often unstable) and an incompatible version of Java ? Opera has been getting more and more stable for me the past 10 versions or so. Currently on 8.0 I am able to keep it running with over 45 tabs open for more than a week at a time without a crash.



raven 3329 624 3329 Ss Apr12 01:06:35 0.5 107680 /usr/lib/opera/8.0-20050316.5/opera

The current date is Thursday, April 21, 2005 at 0013.16 PDT (-0700 UTC)

Perhaps give 8.0 another shot.

Regarding plugins, they work fine for me (Acrobat, Flash, etc.), in fact Flash works far better in Opera than in other web browsers -- the zoom feature not only scales the page graphics and fonts, but also the Flash animations ! Wonderbar.

06 May 2003 14:53 charlesbarr

PDF Conversions
I'm offering my webpage to pdf convrsion utility to all of the browser projects and would love it if Opera accepted. I've built a online file conversion engine which takes public webpages, changes them to pdf docuiments and then e-mails the pdf document to the end user. A running copy can be found at

If you want it, let me know.


26 Apr 2003 04:35 dglee

I guess you get what you pay for
As of 7.1.0 I am officially in the market for a new browser.
The suck factor has finally incremented past the tolerance
stop and I'm done. This has all the same 'features' as the
6.X seriies (spontaneous crashes, flakey rendering, poor
java and javascript support, poor flash support, poor plugin
support in general), with some new and improved flaws
(S L O W flakey rendering, flakey 'new browser' rules,
download directories must be selectedEVERY SINGLE
TIME. no option for download window to 'pop up' instead
of just creating a whole window. )

I'm done. There are some great features but the pain level is
too high. So long Opera, write when you get it to work.

19 Jan 2003 14:15 tlilley

Re: 'crashes'

> anyone else noticed a disturbing
> tendancy for opera to senselessly crash
> upon viewing any webpage after an update
> is available?

Absolutely. With each successive release in the 6.x series, I've been experiencing more of the sort of stability that made me leave Netscape.

The upside is that Opera keeps plenty of state, so when I restart, I'm back with all of my (dozens) of windows open. However, I distinctly remember it not crashing nearly as much back at 5.x.

I'm also noticing that 6.11 periodically flips out and starts chewing up CPU time like mad, hitting 90+%.

I'm a bit afraid to revert to an earlier version, though, since I'm not entirely sure my bookmarks and other such state would survive the trip back in time.

Perhaps it's time to install a centralized bookmark manager and upgrade my Mozilla install :)

05 Dec 2002 13:46 Dogun

anyone else noticed a disturbing tendancy for opera to senselessly crash upon viewing any webpage after an update is available? Two weeks ago, opera began to crash for no apparent reason; when I updated, it worked. Yesterday, Opera reverts to senseless crash on start behavior; it's not the .opera subdirectory either.

Honestly, if Opera wants people to upgrade, update notification in a form friendlier than segfaults would be much appreciated.

28 Aug 2002 02:04 fredlwm

Re: Opera 6.0 TP3 and XFree 4.2.0

> You probably need Lesstif or Open Motif.

BTW, I really think operamotifwrapper from Opera static should statically link libXm, what I can confirm still doesn't happen with 6.0.3.

06 Feb 2002 13:46 fredlwm

Re: Opera 6.0 TP3 and XFree 4.2.0
You probably need Lesstif or Open Motif.

06 Feb 2002 07:34 s4nd

Opera 6.0 TP3 and XFree 4.2.0
I get this error when running opera:
[...]/opera-6.0-20020110.1-static_qt.i386/plugins/operamotifwrapper: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: cannot load shared object file: No such file or directory

ldd on operamotifwrapper says that => not found
I don't know if it's my problem (XFree 4.2.0 compiled without that libXm), or an Opera compilation problem...
I use XFree 4.2.0 compiled by hand (not distro package) on a slackware 8.0.
Does anybody has the same problem?


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