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phpCodeGenie (PCG) is a code generator for database driven applications. PCG can talk to different databases and generate entire applications for you. While the core version generates mostly PHP code, phpCodeGenie can be modified via user plugins to generate code in any programming language. It will build data entry forms, insert scripts, database lister scripts, edit record forms, update record scripts, delete confirmation scripts, delete scripts, search forms, search scripts, and other frontend/database interaction code. Basically, it provides a basic code base which you can build on.


Recent releases

  •  23 Oct 2004 16:22

    Release Notes: This release fixes a security risk in PCG simple application generation. If users put arbitrary code in the headers and footers, they could execute it by going to Web/generatedCode/simple/applicationName. Although PCG is an application used for developers and as such should not be put on production or public machines, the author has decided to remove the custom header and footer textbox from full simple application generation to prevent this. This release also adds a tool to translate the PCG user interface and save a new language file.

    •  23 Oct 2004 13:12

      Release Notes: This release adds "Introduction to the PCG PHP framework", a PDF document which provides an overview of the PCG framework and the major components and which is generated using the phpCodeGenie advanced generation.

      •  11 Oct 2004 15:07

        Release Notes: Major bug that were discovered in the Alpha version were fixed. New functionality was added for PHP5 code generation. The look and feel was improved with CSS layouts for complete code generations.

        •  09 Aug 2004 16:54

          Release Notes: The entire code generation engine has been redone. A database abstraction layer (ADODB) has been introduced to allow phpCodeGenie to talk to different databases. Users have ability to write their own plugins and add them to PCG. Object oriented code is used for the entire code generation engine. The ability to generate code in different languages other than PHP was added. The ability to generate an entire application and save the entire application to the filesystem was added.

          •  05 Feb 2003 15:38

            Release Notes: "Register Globals = off" is now supported for all pages. The Search by Keyword Script Maker was fixed to search all fields. The Update and Delete Script Makers were fixed to search where $primarykey = '$primaryKey'. A new function, getRequestVars($request_Vars), was added to the toolbox. Other misc small bugs were fixed. A Language Pack was started.

            Recent comments

            30 Mar 2012 07:13 unix002

            Really good code generator

            27 Feb 2003 13:24 di11rod

            slick tool for creating CMA
            I'm somewhat new to PHP, but have previously been working with a commercial CMS system for about four.5 years. I had the opportunity to use some automatic Content Management Application generators and really appreciated the monotony they did away with. Now that I'm creating some apps in php, I naturally wanted to avoid repititious coding.

            phpCodeGenie isn't a point-and-click website builder. You have to know how to code at a rudimentary level to use this tool. This thing does a great job of looking at your tables and creating some generic content entry,edit, create, and delete forms. From there, you modify the php/html to suit your needs.

            Very appreciated. Hope this thing gets some additional development.



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