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Polymorphic XML Parser

PXP is a validating XML parser for the programming language Objective Caml. It strictly implements the full XML-1.0 standard. The XML instance is represented as a tree of objects. It is also possible to access the DTD. PXP means "Polymorphic XML parser" and emphasizes its most useful property: that the API is polymorphic and can be configured such that different classes are used to store different types of elements. PXP contains a user's manual and several example, and has been designed with CGI programming in mind, however is not limited to this field.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Mar 2002 23:33

    Release Notes: This release focuses on performance improvements. XML files with large data nodes can now be parsed in reasonable time. Problems with large DTDs have been resolved. Some bugs for very specific cases may be fixed.

    •  06 Jul 2001 02:39

      Release Notes: The XML parser now supports namespaces. Furthermore, the object model has been enhanced such that it is now simpler to modify XML trees (arbitrary insert/delete operations). Some problems with the object model have also been fixed. In particular, it is now clearer when the object methods validate and when they accept any contents. It is now possible to defer validation until it is really reasonable to do so. The parser has become faster. The representation of the XML tree does not need as much memory as before. It is now possible to configure which lexical analyzer is used. The distribution has been cleaned up.

      •  31 Aug 2000 01:58

        Release Notes: Initial public release.


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