Comments for Roundcube Webmail

15 Oct 2012 14:55 dinamitk0

freecode profile is outdated, current version of roundcube is 8.2

24 Oct 2007 03:34 MarcusWolschon

good word
I experienced roundcube as a nice, clean and easy to install/manage webmailer for imap.

No hassles like with installing horde and it does clean imap with


(Many only do pop or inbox-only, look "bad" or are a pain to set up and maintain.)

25 Jul 2006 06:34 chaica

You have to give Roundcube a try!
So promising! And proposing already really interesting features. I can't wait my hoster install Roundcube.

08 Mar 2006 14:53 perseids

Best of the next
Needs work, but definitely is the best of the next generation webmail clients.

22 Nov 2005 22:11 rbridal

An extremely good looking interface. Works quick and clean, easy to use, just beautiful. Good job on this! I'm now using it for my personal website and it works flawlessly.

20 Sep 2005 13:43 jsteenhagen

Definately one to watch
It's only an alpha release right now, but I certainly see a lot of potential in this app. I can hardly wait to see where this app goes!


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