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RubyScript2Exe transforms a Ruby script into a standalone Windows or Linux executable.


Recent releases

  •  30 May 2007 23:27

    Release Notes: This release adds a bit of Config::CONFIG magic to make RubyScript2Exe work with RubyGems >= 0.9.3. The embedded bin directory has been moved to the front of $PATH.

    •  16 Apr 2007 01:23

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug when using the gem as a library. It fixes a bug concerning RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.userdir(file) (as well as RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.appdir(file)) and full pathnames. "Insecure world writable dir" has been removed. RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.exedir and RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.executable have been introduced.

      •  09 Aug 2006 22:14

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug when using the big rubyscript2exe.rb (the RBA) as library. It fixes a bug in RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.appdir. It adds RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.userdir, RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.rubyw=, and RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.strip=. It adds RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.appdir and RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.appdir("bin") to ENV["PATH"]. It adds RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.appdir and RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.appdir("lib") to $:.

        •  30 Jul 2006 14:39

          Release Notes: Support for directories was added. A check for readability was added in EEE. RUBYSCRIPT2EXE_* was replaced by RUBYSCRIPT.*= and RUBYSCRIPT2EXE::* (see application.rb). RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.appdir(item) and RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.is_compil*? were added. This isn't completely backwards compatible.

          •  28 Jun 2006 20:37

            Release Notes: Fixes a bug concerning ENV.delete(key).


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