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SENSE is a highly portable, all software DSM system featuring high performance, normal variable semantics for accessing shared memory and interresting architectural features like a dynamic unic of coherence. Using SENSE you can utilize the power of several workstations.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Aug 1999 02:25

    Release Notes: Made updatequeues expand dynamically. This simplifies configuration somewhat. Currently working on same for shared memory and hash table.

    •  25 Aug 1999 10:55

      Release Notes: Changed directory from STL map to own hashtable resulting in a performance increase on memory operations by approx. 40% as well as a few other minor improvements. The next major performance increase will probably be in the area of network performance and lock management. In order to bring that about, there is a need for volunteers, who are able to do performance measurement on networks of >2 workstations.

      •  22 Aug 1999 04:00

        Release Notes: Slight memory and cpu usage improvements.


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